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When you need a tree removed in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Calabasas, Westlake Village, or other Ventura County areas, you can count on us.

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Whether your tree is causing structural damage on your property, it’s already damaged, or you need to make way for a project or have more sunlight, we have the experience to remove it fast and safely.

Thousand Oaks is one of the best places to live in California. Trees add a scenic and suburban feel to the region. They are simply fantastic, from purifying the air to providing shade and protection. Investing in trees beautifies not only your landscape but also increases the value of your property.

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When should a tree be removed?

Unfortunately, no matter how you want to keep your tree, sometimes you are left with no option but to remove it. Below are few circumstances when you may need to consider removing a tree:

  • It’s an obstruction to people and property
  • It’s growing too close to an establishment
  • It’s leaning in an unlikely direction
  • The tree has damage from a natural or human-made disaster
  • It has an infectious disease
  • Pests infect it
  • The tree is already dead

Tree Removal Service

The above examples can pose significant dangers, not only for the tree itself. It can cause harm to your family, neighbor, other properties, and especially other trees nearby.

We understand that usually, a tree becomes a part of your home, and tree removal can be a difficult decision. Always weigh the posed risk of keeping it or not. A certified arborist can help you assess the situation and advise the best possible solution.

Whether a tree is small or large, safety factors are always crucial for tree removal. Tree experts understand the needs of different species of trees and know how to handle them. A licensed tree removal company can help you avoid the hazards of taking down a tree.

Tree Removal Company

Thousand Oaks Tree Service is your first-class tree removal company here in Thousand Oaks. We serve both commercial and residential clients. To understand how we do the job, here’s the basic process for tree removal service.

Our Process of Tree Removal

1. Our certified arborist assesses the area to identify the technique and tools needed for tree removal. Permits, if required, shall also be acquired before starting the job.

2. Conduct safety measures to secure the whole area and eliminate the risk of possible damage. The site must be clear once the tree falls. 

3. Examine and prepare the tree for the desired direction of fall. Usually, the best path is where the tree is naturally leaning – unless it will affect other properties.

4. Sometimes, the tree begins to fall out of control, our team prepares for an escape route to ensure safety.

4. Cut down the tree with the right tools and while wearing protective gears

5. Load all tree debris in the truck for recycling

If stump removal or grinding is requested, then it will be added to the process accordingly. 

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree 

The cost for tree removal varies for each project as there are many factors to consider depending on your tree situation. Below are few aspects that influence the price:

  • Size of the tree
  • Number of trees that needs service
  • Location and accessibility of the tree
  • Any hazards that need to be planned for, such as being close to powerlines
  • Additional requests

If you wish to save money on tree removal, you can prepare the site and make it more accessible. You may want to remove fences, stones, or other properties in the work area. You may also want to ask for the service before your tree gets rotted and dies. Dead trees are more expensive to remove than healthy trees, as they are more hazardous.

Hire a Local Tree Removal Company

We are your licensed and insured tree experts here in Thousand Oaks. We at Thousand Oaks Tree Service are proud of our satisfactory service and always coordinate with our clients’ needs.

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